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Amber, 2011, 50 mins

Watch the complete film or just watch the individual songs by artists involved in The Sage Gateshead's 2011 Americana Festival. In order, RAUL MALO, PAUL BURCH & WPA BALLCLUB, THE SECRET SISTERS, SAMANTHA CRAIN, IRMA THOMAS, JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE, SARAH JAROSZ, ABIGAIL WASHBURN, VERA VAN HEERINGEN & JOCK TYLDESLEY, JOHN GRANT and THE SAVOY FAMILY CAJUN BAND - they all made their way across the Tyne to Amber's little garden at the top the medieval Battery Stairs and gave one-off, single take performances. Songs from the Secret Garden is a co-production between Amber and The Sage Gateshead.

To see the film and the 9 individual songs from The Sage Gateshead's 2010 Americana Festival, click the link at the top of this Info box!


Songs from the Secret Garden isn’t available on DVD, but check out the artists’ websites for gigs and DVDs.



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Songs from the Secret Garden 2011
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